Dispute resolution

  • Disputes arising from breach of contractual obligations
  • Disputes arising from EPC contracts, construction contracts, and engineering agreements
  • Ecological and mineral resources management disputes
  • Real estate title disputes
  • Land disputes
  • Financial and investment disputes, including bond and default disputes
  • Intellectual property protection disputes
  • Disputes related to recognition and enforcement of foreign judicial decisions and arbitral awards
  • Energy sector disputes, including electric and heat energy disputes
  • Antimonopoly disputes
  • Insurance disputes
  • Corporate disputes and disputes over holding a legal entity’s management bodies liable; disputes over the protection of the rights of a business company’s members and shareholders and over challenging the decisions made by a business company’s management bodies
Key Contacts
Elena Stuart
Elena Stuart
Managing Partner,
Head of the Industrial Construction Practice
Pavel Andreyev
Pavel Andreyev
Counsel in the Industrial Construction Practice