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The law firm Stuarts Legal is a consultant for companies in the power sector, industry and mineral resources management implementing infrastructure facility construction projects.

Our lawyers have performed more than fifteen EPC projects under Russia and English law. Industrial construction, energy, and natural resources are our key practices together with dispute resolution under construction and real estate issues.

Our lawyers provide legal support services for infrastructure projects, including construction of industrial facilities, power sector, mineral resources management, public private partnership, project and export financing. The partners of Stuarts Legal possess vast working experience in field of supporting infrastructure projects, including in-house service experience for metallurgical and mining companies.

Among the advantages offered by Stuarts Legal are the speed of handling the tasks set, competence, flexibility in shaping the pricing policy for each project, including possible turnkey project support approval with a flat fee for project services.
Professional Liability Policy of Stuarts Legal LLC covers legal advising under Russian and English law and is available via the following link
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