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Irina Nevskaya
Counsel. Industrial Construction
Irina worked as a lawyer for large metallurgical companies, including Mechel OJSC.

Irina specializes in the matters of commercial and contract law and foreign trade relations. Irina also has experience of participation in financial projects.

E-mail: irina.nevskaya@stuartslegal.com
Projects Implemented
  • Developing various model contracts and recommendations for using those contracts (developing equipment supply (import) contracts with and without engineering design based on the Russian and English law; developing energy audit contracts, etc.);
  • Advising on the entry into services, job, supply contracts with major companies, including development of such contracts and participation in negotiations;
  • Participation in a syndicated lending project for group companies, including the development and obtaining approval of all documents related to syndicated lending (loan agreements, collaterals, powers of attorney, approvals, etc.);
  • Participation in financial transactions with major Russian and foreign banks.
Irina graduated with honors from the School of Law at Buryat State University and has the LL.M degree. Pericles Able Project, fluent in English, continuously improving her knowledge of the Russian and English law.
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