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Aleksei Salmin
Head of the Business Process Engineering Practice
Aleksei has a more than nine-year experience in business process optimization, including experience in business process engineering for EPC oil and gas projects.
Projects Implemented
Implementation of an internal audit system, process optimization, set-up of a reporting system for the design organization OMZ-DAELIM (an EPC contractor in a terminal construction project for liquefied gas production and transshipment at the port of Vysotsk, Leningrad Region, having an output capacity of 660,000 tons of LNG per annum).

• More than 5 years of successfully running the controlling department for the production company Skincare (the leader in the Russian market of dermatological individual protection means).

• Process control implementation (Skincare).

• Development and implementation of a KPI and employee bonus system (Skincare).

• Putting a strategic planning technology in place — BSC (Skincare).

Email: aleksey.salmin@stuartslegal.com
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